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Extreme Ceramic Coating

Extreme Ceramic Coating

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Introducing the Midknight Extreme Ceramic Coating—your ultimate solution for unparalleled vehicle protection. With a hardness of 9H, this is the best 3-5+ year coating available, offering exceptional durability and performance.

Midknight Extreme is an ultra-high gloss, hydrophobic ceramic coating that stands out in the market. Its nano technology allows it to withstand extreme pH levels from 2 to 14, providing superior protection against chemicals like Mag Chloride, paint thinner, brake cleaner, and paint reducer. No other ceramic coating matches its insane chemical resistance while delivering long-lasting, stunning results.

This new version of Midknight Extreme has been enhanced to sheet off water as efficiently as it beads, making maintenance a breeze. It's now easier to apply, eliminating the need for the 3-towel method, and offers a longer working time with a more pleasant scent than the previous version.

For the ultimate protection and finish, we highly recommend topping it off with our Spray On Ceramic. Make Midknight Extreme your new "GO TO" coating and experience the best in vehicle protection.

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